Kasich says when he’s president McKinley name will return to mountain

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says that President Barack Obama and the feds should not change the signs on Mt. McKinley because when he’s elected president “we’re changing them back.”

Kasich made the comments in an interview with MLive following a meeting Tuesday with the Lansing Chamber of Commerce in Michigan. You can read Joshua Oosting’s story on Kasich here.

“I’ve been telling them today, don’t change the signs, because when I’m president, we’re changing them back,” Kasich said.

Obama plans to restore the mountain, the highest in the United States, to its original Native American name of Denali.

Ohio lawmakers including Speaker of the House John Boehner are also planning to send a letter to Obama asking for the name to stay McKinley.

“I’m 100 percent serious,” Kasich said. “Are they serious about changing the name? Well, I’m serious about keeping the name.”

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