Sittenfeld will air three ads during Democratic debate

Get ready to see a lot of U.S. Senate candidate PG Sittenfeld if you watch the Democratic presidential debate tonight.

Sittenfeld, a Democrat who is running against former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland in a Democratic primary to face Sen. Rob Portman, is airing three TV spots during tonight’s first Democratic presidential debate.

The first ad, “Tradition,” which he announced yesterday, introduces the Cincinnati City councilman to voters and raises awareness about next March’s Senate primary, making the point that primaries tend to make stronger general election candidates and featuring debate footage of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, among others.

The second ad, called “Stronger,” — argues that Sittenfeld would be a fresh face for Ohio, and points out that Portman and Strickland have a combined 40 years of D.C. experience.

The third ad, “Step Up,” urges Strickland to debate Sittenfeld. Strickland has yet to agree to debate Sittenfeld.

“Next March, Ohio Democrats will pick their nominees for president and U.S. Senate on the same day,” Sittenfeld spokesman Dale Butland said. “If a series of debates between our party’s five presidential candidates is a good thing, how could a series of debates between Ohio’s two Democratic Senate candidates possibly be a bad thing?”

The ads will run in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton and Youngstown media markets.

To see the first ad, click here.

Here’s “Stronger.”

And here’s “Step Up.”

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