Trump says Kasich is “pathetic,” “irrelevant” and a “failure”

Donald Trump is not too happy with Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Our Columbus bureau reporter Laura Bischoff reported earlier today that New Day for America, a pro-Kasich super-PAC is spending $6.5 million on ads in New Hampshire. The new ad bashed GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

The latest spot portrays Kasich as a tested leader with a plan to destroy the Islamic State.

“On the job training for president does not work,” the narrator starts out as photos of President Obama and GOP front runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson flash up on the screen. “Benghazi, beheadings, Paris. Our lives depend on a commander in chief with experience, who understands the world.”

Trump went off on Kasich on Twitter tonight.

Here are the tweets:

Kasich fired back with tweets of his own:

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