John Kasich says he’s ‘Prince of light,’ Chris Christie says he’s more like ‘Satan’

Ohio Gov. John Kasich sees himself as the “Prince of light and Hope.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sees Kasich as being more like “Satan.”

Kasich has recently seen a rise in the polls in New Hampshire and is second to Donald Trump in the most recent ones. Christie is trying to do well in New Hampshire on Feb. 9 to give his campaign a boost.

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show earlier this week, Kasich said “We have a lot of candidates who like the ‘Prince of Darkness.’ I consider myself the Prince of Light and Hope, and I don’t spend all my time getting people riled up about how bad everything is.”

Christie doesn’t see much hope in Kasich.

Thursday night during an interview on Fox News, Christie had a more devilish description for Kasich when interviewed by host Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto described to Christie a negative ad put out by Kasich’s superPAC that slams Christie’s tenure as New Jersey governor.

“Yeah, that sounds a heck of a lot more like Satan than the Prince of Light and Hope,” Christie responded. “I’ve known John for a long time and I’ve been around when his colleagues talk about him. I’ve heard John called a lot of things, the Prince of Light and Hope has never been one of them. And so, fact is, John wants to hide, he wants to let the super PAC who is running most of his campaign in New Hampshire do all his dirty work and he wants to come out and act like he’s some angel.”


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  1. […] John Kasich says he’s ‘Prince of light,’ Chris Christie says he’s more like 'Satan' […]